Factory Tours

Students and seniors enjoy taking factory tours. There are a wide variety of factory tours which produce goods made in the USA which are sold in markets throughout the world. Some of the tours are free and others charge a group rate. 

Following the tour, individuals may enjoy some samples at some of the factory tours.

Some of the well-known American companies that have factory tours follow (by category):

Jelly Beans - Jelly Belly - Fairfield, CA  |  Cheese - Tillamook Creamery - Tillamook, OR 
Chocolate - Mars - Las Vegas, Nevada  | Tea - Celestial Seasonings - Boulder, CO 
Chocolate - Hershey's - Hershey, PA  |  Ice Cream - Ben & Gerry's - Waterbury, VT  |  Candy - Pez - Orange, CT

Soda - World of Coca Cola - Atlanta, GA | Beer - Coors Brewery Company - Golden, CO
- Miller Brewing - Milwaukee, WI and Golden, CO | Beer - Samuel Adams Brewery - Boston, MA
Beer - Anheiser-Busch - St. Louis, MO, Fairfield, CA, Houston, TX, Jacksonville, FL
- Jack Daniels Distillery - Lynchburg, TN

Mints and Printing
U.S. Coins - U.S. Mint - Philadelphia, PA and Denver, CO
U.S. Paper Currency - U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving - Washington, DC

Sporting Goods
Bats - Louisville Slugger - Louisville, KY | Footballs - Wilson Fooftball Factory - Ada, OH

Planes - Boeing Factory Tour - Everett, WA

Cars, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, and Tractors
Cars - Chevrolet Corvette - Bowling Green, KY | Cars - Ford Rouge Factory tour - Dearborn, MI
Motorcycles - Harley-Davidson - York, PA | Recreational Vehicles - Airstream Factory - Jackson Center, OH
Recreational Vehicles - Winnebago - Forest City, IA

Crayons - Crayola Factory - Easton, PA
Guitars - Fender Guitars - Corona, CA

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