The Process

Initial client inquiry

Dialogue about the group's needs

Preliminary proposal emailed
to client

Client review with changes

Program finalized and booked

Periodic contact with client

Prepayment due 40 days
prior to the trip

Reconfirm the overall program

Group arrival

Periodic contact with group leader; update client
about tour

Group departure

Final invoice sent to client
with tour evaluation





Our Approach

U.S. Group Planners expertly plans, arranges, and coordinates the land services for your group's trip in the United States.

Our professional staff are dedicated to providing distinctive and personalized service. We have earned our solid reputation for exceptional service through years of travel industry and small business experience, integrity, organization, and professionalism.

We put a 110% effort into every program whether it is for 10 people or a group of 100. Our  reputation is on the line for every tour that we setup but more importantly we recognize that travel is an important part of one's life and genuinely want to insure that each tour member  experiences a wonderful trip.

Following are some of the advantages of partnering with U.S. Group Planners.

Customized Planning - Unlike other tour operators that simply offer a series of pre-packaged tours we customize every program according to each group's precise requirements and its unique criteria.

One Stop Shopping - As your partner, we'll take care of the myriad of trip land arrangements  and  lend assistance with its promotion. Most travel professionals, travel agents, tour operators, meeting planners, and group leaders do not have the time, expertise, experience, or patience to setup all of the arrangements. Nor do they have the buying power that we have to secure discounted group rates.

Staff Continuity - The special advantage of working with our company is our policy of assigning one staff member to oversee your program from initial contact through the conclusion of the trip. You can rely on the same professional who is familiar with your specialized needs to oversee all details of the program.

We are strategically positioned to compete with the larger tour firms. Yet our inherent strength is that our smaller size allows us to deliver personalized service, flexibility, and staff continuity.

The Process

Upon initial contact we will dialogue with you about the group's background and its special interests, needs, and budget. Utilizing this important information and our extensive knowledge of the USA our experienced staff will customize a special program based on the group's unique criteria.

Our preliminary program proposal, including a detailed itinerary and pricing information, is then promptly submitted for your review and consideration. Changes can then be made and the program evolves to your specifications to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Once the program is finalized and booked, documentation is sent outlining the payment schedule and terms. Printed materials, videos, brochures, maps, city guides, and other materials are also made available to enhance your promotional efforts.

Periodic contact with the client is made to check on the status of the trip and to review the overall program.

Throughout the course of the program our office staff are in constant touch with the group leader and our tour director to insure that the trip arrangements are going smoothly. If a problem arises we will do our utmost to minimize any inconvenience to the group and insure that the matter is quickly resolved.

Following the program initially we debrief our tour director and then touch base with you to review the overall program and get feedback which is important to us in our continuing efforts to improve our service and offer the best possible products.