Frequently Asked Questions

How do you quote your rates?
Generally we quote per person prices based on either commissionable rates (normally a 10% commission is given) or net, non-commissionable rates. Most groups prefer a net rate and the tour planner adds the applicable per person profit on their end.

What about complimentary packages?
Many groups request complimentary packages for the group leader, chaperones, or travel staff. A ratio of complimentary packages (comps) to paying participants is provided based on each group’s requirements (i.e. 1 comp package for each 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 paying people).

It is important to note that these comp packages are not free. They are built into the package at cost and the rest of the group pays for the complimentary packages.

What is your payment schedule?
Normally we request a token deposit which is due 30 days after the tour is booked. Additional deposits are due as needed for the vendors. The full balance is generally due 40 days prior to the trip dates.

What is your cancellation policy?
Depending on the vendors normally written cancellation of the tour is due 30, 60, or 90 days prior to the group’s arrival.

How do you handle individuals with special needs?
U.S. Group Planners takes great care in accommodating individuals with special dietary, health, and mobility needs. Once we receive a list of individuals with special needs we advise each vendor in advance and reconfirm the special needs prior to the tour.

Ultimately though it is incumbent upon the individual and group leader to communicate with each vendor to insure that their special needs are properly accommodated.

What is your policy regarding seat rotation on the motorcoach or other vehicles?
For multi-day tours we recommend a seat rotation plan each day but generally it is up to the group leader of each group to determine what system works best.

It is important to note that for multi-bus moves our policy is based on individuals remaining on the same motorcoach throughout the day to insure accurate passenger counts.

Is smoking permitted on the motorcoach?
Normally we do not allow smoking on the vehicles unless a special request has been made in advance and approved by the bus company.

Are Gratuities included in your packages?
In most instances, particularly for student groups, the gratuities for the drivers and tour directors/guides are included in our packages. These critical players know that they will be tipped directly by U.S. Group Planners which results in the best drivers and tour directors/guides accompanying our groups.

The gratuities (and applicable taxes) for all included meals in our packages are included.

In the USA it is customary to tip 15-20% to wait staff in restaurants and taxicabs.

Will our group have the same tour director/guide and driver each day?
For multi-day tours normally the same tour director/guide accompanies the group each day and we request but cannot guarantee the same drivers in each city throughout the tour.