Comments from a student performing arts group from Australia that visited New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles:

A teacher's comments

"In the 12 full days in the United States, the students participated in and visited approximately:

• 7 Workshops
8 Drama Classes
2 Vocal Classes
6 Dance classes
5 Ballet classes
5 Musical Theatre Classes
2 x full days at Disneyland
A full day a Universal Studios
Broadway Shows: Aladdin, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, On The Town
The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular
In Las Vegas it was the magnificent "O" by the Circ du Soleil Co.
In Los Angeles they saw the great Angela Landsbury in "Blythe Spirit".

Added to all of this was the sightseeing, which opened a few eyes and of course their favourite pastime, shopping. An unexpected surprise in New York was bumping into an ex-student at Broadway Dance Centre where she is living her dream, is in full time dance, and loving every minute of it."

Student comments

"The two weeks that I spent traversing America, were full of moments that I'm sure I will treasure forever. The sights, the show's and the classes were worth all the sleep deprivation, forty-hour days and claustrophobic plane flights. The opportunity to go backstage, at a working Broadway show, is one I feel truly blessed to have been a part of. I'm sure that the experiences I had on this tour will have influenced, and shaped me in ways that I will not fully realise until I have the wisdom to reflect."

"The overseas trip to the USA truly lived up to all my hopes and expectations and really felt like 'the trip of a lifetime.' I cannot even begin to describe how happy I was to be in a country full of such hope and dream, surrounded by some of the best friends I could ask for and learning and being guide by some of the best mentors I could imagine. I am so thankful that we have such kind and selfless teachers who devoted so much of their time to take us on this enchanting trip. The teachers gave us the perfect balance of freedom while still always being safe, and also giving us a well -rounded trip by taking us to the inspirational and very comprehensive classes while still giving us good amounts of time for leisure activities such as sight-seeing, eating and shopping. I cannot stress enough how well the tour was conducted and how truly inspired I feel after it. I am genuinely and unquestioningly thankful and overjoyed to of had such a phenomenal experience of the trip."

"The America trip was really an experience of a lifetime that could never be recreated or forgotten. I think it was a long awaited and much needed trip especially for young people at our age who are still figuring out where we want to go in the future. Going on this trip was like fuel for my ambitions, motivating me to work harder at my studies so I can open as many doors as I can for myself and be free to explore even more of the world. It really gave me the boost of hope I needed whilst seeing the vastness of the world really opened my eyes, mind and heart, allowing me to always keep in mind the 'big picture' and to think outside of myself. I am proud to say I enjoyed every single workshop I attended and found the "audition techniques" class particular useful and practical. I most enjoyed the Disney acting workshops as the teachers were extremely motivated and brought a lively energy to the classroom. To be learning whilst having so much fun in one of the most innovative countries in the world for two weeks with your best friends is a very rare experience and something I will treasure for my life to come."

A Parent's perspective

"The USA trip lived up to all of our expectations in terms of performing arts exposure, life experience and fun. We have had the opportunity to chat with several of the students who undertook the trip and, without fail, their summation is that it was a fantastic and rewarding experience. The feedback crosses all of the streams including Acting, Musical Theatre, Music and Dance. All of the students loved having the opportunity to experience a different culture and environment, demonstrate their independence and undertake classes with renowned schools and teachers. They also discussed the benefits of seeing some of the best in the industry at work, through the many live performances that they were lucky enough to see during their travels. We would not hesitate to recommend undertaking this trip to other students in future years."